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How do I join HeatWave?


HeatWave is open to anyone in 7th grade and up as of October 1 who is enrolled in the Rock County 4-H program.  We accept all youth who have an interest.  Our only prerequisite is enthusiasm and a commitment to hard work.  We do not hold auditions.  To join 4-H or HeatWave, see the "How to Join HeatWave" page (see Home Page for the link) or contact the Rock County 4-H Youth Development Agent at the UWEX Office, 608-757-5696.




Is there a fee for joining?


There is no membership fee to join, but members will incur certain costs.  Members will be expected to provide (pay for) their own member T-shirt, socks/stockings, shoes, etc.  There is a Prop/Costume Rental Fee that covers the formal costume, other costume parts, staging materials, music, and props.  They will also need to buy parts for a casual performance costume if used.  In addition, the group will perform at the Wisconsin State Fair, and members pay some of the expense for traveling to and staying at State Fair.  There may be other minor costs for travel to other venues.




When is sign-up?


Sign-up the 2017 season ended November 5, 2016.




When do you rehearse?


Rehearsals begin in January and will be scheduled on Saturdays into May.  




How many performances are there each year?


Each year we have from 30 to 40 performances, generally starting in April and going into September.  The early performances may not include all of the program pieces.  Last year we performed 15 times at the Rock County 4-H Fair and 8 times at the Wisconsin State Fair.




How long is a performance?


A full performance is about an hour in length.  Each performance includes about    a dozen performance songs and closes with our theme song, "The Heat is On".        A performance may also include one or two specials performed by an individual or small group.




What opportunities are there for individual performance?


There are a couple of opportunities.  Many of the performance pieces include      in-song solos for individuals or small groups.  Members will audition for the opportunity to be given one or more of these solos.  In addition, individuals or small groups may audition their own prepared piece to be included as a special in a performance.




Who supports HeatWave?


HeatWave is supported entirely by contributions from members, their families, 4-H organizations, and other generous individuals.  HeatWave has several fundraising events each year.  Donations of any size are accepted, appreciated, and greatly needed for sound equipment, costumes, props, and other needs.  Because 4-H is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization, donations to HeatWave are tax deductible.



  How can I book HeatWave?
  If you are interested in having HeatWave perform for your organization or event, please contact Lisabeth Kasprzak at 608-352-1355.