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How to Join HeatWave




Be a Part of the Performing Arts in 4-H with HeatWave

Deadline to sign up: December 1, 2017


Whether you sing or dance or you would like to learn, HeatWave is for you.

Do you like to entertain? 

Do you enjoy applause?

Are you looking for leadership opportunities?

Do you want to learn about staging a show or how to choreograph?

Are you interested in making new friends?

These opportunities and more are available in HeatWave.


  Requirements to Become a HeatWave Member

HeatWave does not hold auditions.  The group's basic requirements are two-fold:

   1.  You must be in 7th grade and up as of October 1, 2016.

   2.  You must be a Rock County 4-H member (see below for how to become one).

In addition to the basic requirements, HeatWave members also:

   ~  must take part in a short interview process;

   ~  need to have a willingness to learn;

   ~  need to be enthusiastic and cooperative;

   ~  must be responsible and committed to hard work.



To sign up for HeatWave, click on this hyperlink for the application form:

HeatWave 2017 New Member Application.pdf


Becoming a Rock County 4-H member is easy.  Try one of the following:

  • For information about 4-H, visit the Rock County UW-Extension 4-H Youth Development Program website: or call                 608-757-5696.

  • Visit a Rock County 4-H club or clubs to see which one is the best fit for you.       To find a club, click on this link for a listing of Rock County 4-H clubs and their meeting locations and times:

  • Talk to a club leader about becoming a 4-H member.


 HeatWave looks forward to meeting you!